Some of my favourites from a recent Three Day Photo Shoot in Paris.

How I capurted the 2nd of my new images

This is the second of two images that recently went on sale from my Scottish Highlands trip. As I mentioned before, this is one of a handful that I will be selling from the 1,500 shots I took. Whilst I drove over 2500 miles and scouted out 50 locations, shooting at 30 or so (and around another 20 I just came across driving..), mostly in and around The Isle of Skye, this one of Loch Ard is probably my favourite picture of them all. I was blessed (well not the night before driving in shocking snow!) with fresh, crisp, snow of about 18 inches. I had to walk about a mile with my gear, but it was worth it. Most landscape photographs are taken with wide angle lenses, as are most of mine, but this one was taken with a 70-200 f2.8 zoom, at about 140mm. It was a little bright, so I had to use several filters to block some sun, but it came out lovely. Below are some additional images I took in and around the same spot, where I worked for about 90 minutes. 
If you want to visit, here is the website:
This Image can be view in the flesh here: 

How I captured this Image

This Image of Eilean Donan Castle is one of many I took on a 10 day trip to the Scottish Highlands. On the 10 day trip, I took 1,500 pictures, I’ve kept 40 of them as my favourites. I will likely sell 3 or 4 of them. In total I spent around 7 hours at the Castle, on my way to the Isle of Skye. Three of those hours were at in my car, waiting, praying for the rain to stop and the sky to clear!!  It did, I then had 5-6 locations to shoot the castle from as the conditions changed minute by minute; my favourite (the first image) is on sale as a Limited Edition Print. Some of the others taken are attached. I’m sure many don’t realise it takes many many hours of preparation before arriving at a location and then to arrive before you need “shoot", to walk each of them. Of the 7 hours, only 2 were actually taking pictures. It was worth every minute! As many were at night, the exposure was over 1-3 minutes long, meaning if you made a mistake it was a long wait to find out….  I loved taking them and wish it wasn’t a 10 hour drive :) Some other images capurted the same day are below:

New Images Added to the Range

Two new Limited Edition Images have been added to my range. These two compliment 7 others on sale. The first is Eilean Donan Castle, in the Upper Scottish Highlands. This is very close to the Isle of Skye. The second is Loch Ard, a stunning location lower down in the Highlands. Hope you like them! 

Dorset; Durdle Door

Durdle Door is one of the most famous and Iconic images for UK Landscape Photographers. This shot was taken at 4am recently, before sunrise. 

August 2018

10 days in The Scottish Highlands

I am on the final evening of my 10 day, snowy, trip around the Scottish Highlands, where I have driven 1400 miles so far. I will be posting around 20 images on my Facebook and Instagram accounts - below are some of them, including one I am confident will be available to purchase. 

February 2018 

Some Images from my Scottish Highlands Tour

Though none that will make it on the short list that might be part of the new Limited Edition Images in October 2018!!

Dutch Nursey Summer Event

We are attending and taking part in the Hertfordshire based  Dutch Nursery Summer Event on 19-20 August. All of the current Limited Edition Images & Photos will be on show. 

2-4 New Limited Edition Images to go on Sale October 2018!

I'm starting to prepare for 2 to 4 new images to go on sale in October 2018. Preparation takes about one year for this many new images. One or two will be from my Scottish Highlands trip. At least one will be an animal. More to come after the summer, as I've several more long trips to do first. 

Current Limited Editon Image Sales Update

For the current range of Limited Edition Images by Landscape Photographer, Mark Long, there are 3-5 left for each Image. 

Location, Location, Location. By Mark Long

The same principle applies to photography as houses, location is everything!! Before considering taking my camera out of the bag, I spend between 1 and 10 hours researching a location/s. It can be tedious, but is crucial to capture the perfect image, especially with Landscape Photography. The internet, and phone Apps, has made researching locations much easier than when I started 35 years ago…you can now search maps, google images, articles, travel sites & more.


Looking at other people’s photos online and in books helps to narrow the actual photo you want, the place on a map you want to try and find (when it’s dark it’s not so easy). Recently I visited NY and had to research out of my usual comfort zone. Google Images; Google Maps; and other photopapers articles were my first port of call. I also use my favourite App, PhotoPills – If you are considering taking up photography more seriously, I highly recommend it.


If I’m staying overnight at a location I often drive/travel to the shot location the day before, scope out the terrain and views, as I normally arrive in darkness. Plus I have got lost many times, both in the car and walking through thick woods. If this isn’t possible, you rely a little on luck with a torch... Even after all of the preparation, I would estimate I only get a “great” photo, every 2 to 4 shoots, as you also need good weather, various circumstances, to make a location  work for you. Like a house, even if the location is right…. it may have damp or subsidence!

New Gallery Viewing

On 8th April, 10 new Limited Edition Images were put on display in a Gallery area at the Dutch Nursery, Hertfordshire. Whilst the Limited Edition Photos can be viewed here, seeing them in person, shows how they look at full size, framed and with anti reflective glass. Hope you like them!

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